Foundation Repair with the Zip Level Pro 2000

Zip LevelThe structural integrity of your home depends on a strong foundation, and one of the key factors for achieving a strong foundation is how well it’s leveled out. If one corner of your home sits lower than another, then the weight of your home will be unevenly distributed, and this is what can eventually cause major damage to your home. Since an even level is such a critical factor to your home’s foundation, we go above and beyond when measuring the variations in your foundation.

Foundation repair demands accuracy, and we deliver it. That’s why we have chosen to use Technidea’s Zip Level Pro 2000. The Zip Level Pro is the pinnacle of measurement technology. We use this instrument before and after repairing your foundation to ensure that we’ve done the job the way it’s supposed to be done. If other companies aren’t using the Zip Level, how can they assure you that your foundation is properly balanced?

We Offer Unrivaled Accuracy

The Zip Level Pro provides unrivaled accuracy when it comes to measuring the variations in your foundation. There are other measurement technologies like rotary lasers on the market, but they are prone to miscalculations. Certain devices will amplify any calculation errors the longer the measurement distance. In the foundation industry, this is crucial because we have to measure over considerable distances when inspecting your foundation. Another issue with other measuring techniques is the sensitivity of the instruments. They can be knocked out of calibration fairly easily. If you see a foundation repair company using something other than a Zip Level Pro, you might want to ask about the last time they had their equipment calibrated. We never experience any of these problems with our Zip Level gear because it functions just as reliably as the foundations that we repair, and that’s saying a lot.

A Core Part of Our Efficient Process

At Generocity, our goal is to deliver an efficient and high-quality foundation repair experience to all of our clients. All the parts of our process from the initial inspection down to the materials used to repair your foundation have been implemented because they support that goal. The Zip Level Pro is one of the core parts of that efficient and high-quality process. Accurate measurements can be taken in minutes before and after our teams transform your foundation into a strong foundation.