The soil underneath a building has different layers that are made up of different components. Some are clayey in nature and expands and contracts as it absorbs water and dries, thus laying immense pressure on the foundation of the building.

One major solution to this problem is the use the Pressed Pilings System that helps fix the damages without the use of inconvenient heavy machinery. Pressed Pilings are installed under the grade beams of the foundation and areas of greatest pressure and defected to ensure stability. The concrete parts of the piers also aid it with greater support, as do the concrete cylinders. They move deep into the soil that is generally unaffected by weather conditions. Pressing Pilings can also penetrate into tougher soil and thus is a source of renewed support to the foundation. An average foundation repair utilizing the Pressed Pilings can range depending on the amount of piers and if there are interior piers. Interior piers require either an actually 3ft X 3ft “breakout” that allows us to install the pier. An alternative to “breakouts” is tunneling to the predetermined location of the pier and installing from the underneath.

understanding your foundation repair

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