Depositphotos_71192171_m-2015Restoring stability and durability in house with elevated foundations can be challenging.  Many homes along the coast have foundations made from wood pilings (or piles) driven into the ground and extending up through the house structure. Concrete pilings are also used, but with less frequency. A piling foundation has proven to be the best way to elevate living space above storm surges and enable buildings to survive severe weather that can easily demolish solid wall foundations.

Our approach to repairing elevated foundations depends on many factors that could be environmental or structural related. We will carefully examine the foundation to determine the best possible approach to correcting your foundation.

House Raising

If you are concerned and have experienced flooding within your home we offer a solution. Our professional team will determine the proper level to raise to home by utilizing factors and data collected and provided. House raising is an invasive and complicated project that requires foundation professionals.