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Understanding Concrete Slab Foundations: Your Comprehensive Guide

Beneath a building lies a complex network of soil layers, each composed of varying materials. Among these, clay-based soil is notable for its tendency to expand and contract with moisture levels, exerting significant pressure on the building’s foundation. One effective solution to mitigate this issue is the implementation of the Pressed Pilings System. This system offers a remedy to foundation damage without the need for cumbersome heavy machinery. Pressed Pilings are strategically installed beneath the grade beams of the foundation, targeting areas of highest pressure and structural compromise to ensure stability. Enhanced by concrete components, such as piers and cylinders, these pilings provide substantial reinforcement. Their deep penetration into the soil, typically unaffected by weather fluctuations, offers enduring support. Moreover, Pressed Pilings possess the capability to penetrate even dense soil types, thus rejuvenating foundation support. The cost of foundation repair employing the Pressed Pilings method varies depending on factors such as the number of required piers and whether interior piers are necessary. Interior piers necessitate a 2ft X 2ft “breakout” to facilitate pier installation. Alternatively, tunneling to predetermined pier locations and installation from underneath offers an alternative approach to avoid “breakouts.”